Salon IVY has raw Southeast Asian / Cambodian available for purchase. The textures available are Wavy, Curly, and Deep Curly.

The salon also offers Brazilian hair for sale. Textures available are Straight, Body Wave, and Deep Wave. Please click here to purchase.

Hair Care

Brazilian Blowout Aftercare- To maintain your BB please use 'sulfate free' shampoos only. You can find this description on product labels.

Shampoo for Extensions-  I use Basic Conditioning Shampoo and Celerity Conditioner. This brand smells like a dream, keeps the extensions soft and removes build up so well. You can only purchase this product at the salon. 

Mane Choice Growth Stimulating Edge Control- This Product can be purchased at Sally's. Excellent edge gel. Keeps edges smooth and straight without greasy white residue. ( If you feel that your edge gel is no longer working it may be time for a shampoo. If it's not shampoo day, try wiping them clean with damp cloth. Allow to dry, then apply)

Taliah Waajid African Healing Oil- Can be used for everything! Squeeze between your braids on wash day to moisturize your scalp and hair. ( Always wash after to ensure your extensions don't get oily.) Use a little on your leave out for moisture and shine every 1 to 2 days. Use on your elbows and knees liberally. :-)

Babyliss 2in Curling Iron- I most likely used this iron on you at your last appointment. Great for creating body, luscious curls, waves and more. Great price.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Iron- They have an outstanding warranty, and can withstand even my clumsiness. Great investment. When purchasing and heat tools make sure there is a heat setting option. This ensure the temperature is controlled and won't burn your hair. 

Styling- Please limit heat to once a week on your leave out. Great hair requires a great foundation. DO NOT FRY OFF YOUR LEAVE OUT! I will fuss at you. :-)

At Night- Always sleep with a satin or silk scarf. This preserves your style, extensions, and most importantly the health of your hair. To keep your curls fresh and bouncy try pin curling.  Here is a link to a tutorial explaining how.

Its super easy right!

In the bath/shower- If you are natural you literally should fear water. It is your greatest enemy! If your pressed edges and leave out get damp from steam they will revert, and you most likely will use heat to blend. This will eventually lead to unnecessary heat manipulation and damage. So, during shower time take all precautions to prevent water contacting your pressed tresses. Literally wear 3 or more scarfs in the shower! You should build a fortress between your hair and the water. Basically, one scarf or bonnet isn't enough. If you have 6 bonnet and scarf combinations, wear all of them during shower time. 

Customized For You- I know, Beyonce's new do is gorgeous and you want the look! I do to! Lets create a similar look that fits your face shape, hairline, lifestyle and budget. The best weaves are the ones that are customized for you. Everyones face and head are shaped different. Everyones hairline is different. Its important to work with your God given beauty to give you the best install experience for YOU! Let me create that for you. 

When To Remove- I recommend you leave your installs up for 2 to 3 months. Please book ahead!

Other Stylist Work- I do not work on other stylist work. I will not shampoo, color, style, tighten, or maintain closures behind another stylist. Please do not book an appointment for services on an install done by another stylist. This does not include 'Install Removal + Install'.

Strict Cancellation/ No Show Policy- All appointments booked are subject to a strict cancellation policy. A cancellation fee will be charged for No Show (NS) or Last Minute Cancel (LMC) appointments. No Show (NS) describes where a client does not come in for their scheduled appointment and does not send a text message to 4692262187 or email to erinhhair@gmail.com to cancel or reschedule the appointment. Last Minute Cancel (LMC) describes where a client attempts to cancel an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment start time. The cancellation fee is 50% of the cost of a scheduled appointment. This cancellation fee will be charged to the card used to secure an appointment.  You will need to pay this fee before your next appointment. In the event where the card used to secure an appointment declines the client is still responsible for paying this fee before the next appointment can be scheduled. This can be payed with cash in person or with a requested email invoice. All LMC and NS are recorded. I have the right to refuse service. I will exercise this right by cancelling your appointment if a past due NS or LMC fee has not been payed.