Strict Cancellation/ No Show Policy- All appointments booked are subject to a strict cancellation policy. A cancellation fee will be charged for No Show (NS) or Last Minute Cancel (LMC) appointments. No Show (NS) describes where a client does not come in for their scheduled appointment and does not send a text message to 4692262187 or email to to cancel or reschedule the appointment. Last Minute Cancel (LMC) describes where a client attempts to cancel an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment start time. The cancellation fee is 50% of the cost of a scheduled appointment. This cancellation fee will be charged to the card used to secure an appointment.  You will need to pay this fee before your next appointment. In the event where the card used to secure an appointment declines the client is still responsible for paying this fee before the next appointment can be scheduled. This can be payed with cash in person or with a requested email invoice. All LMC and NS are recorded. I have the right to refuse service. I will exercise this right by cancelling your appointment if a past due NS or LMC fee has not been payed.